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  1. Perhaps I’m missing the context or my feelings are different, but the concept of pushing my feelings “to the caboose” gave me the impression that you want me to push my feelings into the back of my mind instead of dealing with them head on. When you said feeling and emotion should be life’s last priority, what did you mean? Were you referring to irrationality? Feelings and irrationality are not the same thing. That’s a bold statement and mind you this is coming from me, a thinker. ❤

    1. Correct- a caboose is near the back; hence, why I used the imagery of emotions and feelings needing to be placed in the back and I’ll explain. Many believers & nonbelievers allow human emotions (unreliable) to guide them in their lives. Look at how often this occurs in people seeking relationships. If we own sinful hearts, how in the world could we expect our “feelings” to be the right thing to follow in order to be “happy”? However, when we surrender our emotions and feelings and their rights to lead us, we place God in charge as the ‘conductor’. And if our eyes our steadily, daily focusing on Him, He is just and faithful to unfold a master plan for our lives (Jer. 29:11). I totally agree with you that we need to expose our feelings and deal with them, not bottle them up. And we should deal with them by allowing God the opportunity to renew our minds (Rom. 12:2) which will give us a whole new perspective on emotions. Hope this clears things up a bit!

      1. “And if our eyes our steadily, daily focusing on Him, He is just and faithful to unfold a master plan for our lives (Jer. 29:11)”

        I read the context of Jeremiah ( ) but couldn’t make a connection between what you were saying and the verse. Are there other verses that speak directly about unfolding a plan for us if we focus consistently on God? I would like to read more about this.

  2. Just to clarify my mental picture, a caboose is nowhere near the front of the train. Caboose -> 15 train cars -> front of train.

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